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Understanding Chainswitch

A fully composable native asset cross-chain aggregator with unified liquidity.
DeFi innovation has ushered in a new era of practical applications and driven the development of open finance. At Chainswitch, we are committed to developing web3 decentralized relational applications.

What is Chainswitch?

Chainswitch is a decentralized crypto exchange that enables secure seamless swaps across multiple blockchains in a single transaction without intermediary bridge, chain or asset.
Our vision is for Chainswitch to aggregate user utility-based web3 decentralized applications, foster cross-chain interoperability, and establish a permissionless crypto market for users guided by their own rules and ownership.
  • Chainswitch is a permissionless automated market maker implemented as a set of fixed open-source smart contracts deployed across supported blockchains. Users always maintain self-custody of their funds and liquidity providers are always solvent and verifiable on chain by the open-source code.
  • Users can earn rewards from staking pools and collect fees by providing liquidity to support the project's development.
  • Chainswitch permits limit orders that allow users to buy or sell a token at a desired predetermined price point. Chainswitch cross-chain DEX offers users the opportunity for order book trades to be automatically executed after certain set conditions are met.
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